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Major Link Soccer: Rogers Returns, Bayern Wins

I know last night's game is the last thing anyone wants to talk about, so I'll try to keep it short.

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Alexander Hassenstein

Lost in the crushing disappointment shuffle of last night's match was the historical relevance. The first openly gay player to play professional sports in North America is Robbie Rogers, and hopefully he will be remembered as a sort of Jackie Robinson equivalent. Even in today's world, it is so tough to be the one symbolizing change (I should know; I was the first Afro-panda blogger) and things might not always be as rosy as today for Rogers and those who follow in his footsteps. But the reported 24,000 in attendance witnessed a great moment. And on top of all that, Rogers will probably make the Galaxy better to boot.

(allow me to be petty for one more minute; there were NOT 24,000 in attendance. That is a lie.)

Now that the 20th team has been picked, speculation has immediately jumped to number 21 and beyond. Here are 10 municipalities pushing and shoving (or just waiting in many cases) to be part of the league. Doubtful that they'll be paying the 100 million dollar expansion fee NY2 offered up. Phoenix, San Diego, St. Louis, and Miami are my favorite options.

It is championship season in other parts of the soccer world. The Champions League Final went to Bayern Munich on a late winner. Robin van Persie is rubbing in his team's Premiership victory with a certain CNN anchor. You may have seen part of the Mexican final Sunday, where Club America came back from two goals down 89 minutes in to win it all. And Barcelona, not content with being perhaps the best club in the world, is adding some guy called Neymar.

Some people deal with adverse situations better than others. Jay Heaps is one of those people. When a phone went off during his press conference, he picked it up and talked to the reporter's mom.

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