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Chivas USA shows it could be worse

They've had a rough week/month/year over at the Southland's forgotten club and news late Wednesday night is that they fired their coach.

Jeff Gross

Well not yet official, word from John Sutcliffe of ESPN is that Chivas USA fired Jose Luis Sanchez Sola.

Update: Official

El Chelis started hot and then went on an extended losing streak while having players sent away out from under him. He claimed that neither James Riley nor Juan Agudelo were sent away with his knowledge. The Goats lost their last four MLS matches and haven't won in two months.

But their issues are deeper. They edge the LA Blues because Dan Kennedy made a PK. There is a discrimination lawsuit being filed tomorrow by former Academy coaches. There were rumors that they would be sold or seized by the league that so far have not come true, and are less likely with the new Liga MX anti-dual ownership rules (an owner can only own one team in Liga MX's near future and big Chivas was part of that rumored purchase).

All of this would seem to set things up for a Seattle win that would put them with their second best 12 match start in their short MLS history. Seriously, if Seattle wins they would be on 18 points in their first 12, a mark only passed once in the previous four seasons.

Finally losing in the Open Cup hurts. Losing to LA four-nil sucks. Merely being an average MLS team is unusual in Seattle, but a team that just fired their coach for being bad isn't even the worst in the league. Chicago, Toronto and D.C. are all worse off than Chivas and they haven't fired their coaches yet.

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