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Eddie Johnson scores and shows us the Boom Boom Slide. (Animated)

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If you leave Eddie Johnson unmarked in your box, bad things will happen to your goal.

EJ receives a 9.5 from the Russian judge on the slide.

The goal that Eddie Johnson scored to put the Seattle Sounders FC up 1-0 against the Philadelphia Union was fairly pedestrian. With a free run, EJ was able to rise up on the corner kick and head it towards the Union's goal. Goalkeeper Zac MacMath was late to react to the low header and got tangled up with Jack McInerney as the ball went beyond the line.

And then EJ celebrated in a way only EJ could celebrate. Let's let the gif do all the talking:


The pièce de résistance is the little pose he throws on at the end of the slide.

Bonus gif - the goal that spawned the Boom Boom Slide: