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Major Link Soccer: Robbie Rogers Sweepstakes, Referee Dies

Rogers is coming back out, but with whom?

Jeff Gross

It's a great sign of how the times have changed. Robbie Rogers retired earlier this year before/during/after coming out as gay, and now he's more popular than ever. MLS is crawling all over itself to woo him over to their squad, but rumor is that his heart is set on the Galaxy. In addition to that, his rights are off in Chicago like Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle. Here's hoping that he finds his Meg Ryan (Herculez Gomez) in the end. (Now that it's on the text body, I realize that could be taken in an incorrect way. Know that if it seems that way, it's on you).

Rogers isn't the only one on his way back to MLS. Kei Kamara is returning to the Sporting KC lineup just in time for the Sounders' visit this week. There's no word yet on when he'll start playing, but his presence would make Kansas City even more dangerous. The Sounders can tie the 2010 iteration for the worst start in team history with a WIN, but even a top performance may not bring that result.

Big D Soccer put up perhaps the best review yet for everyone's favorite C-3PO, Steven Lenhart. This two-game suspension has proven to be a great time for everyone to... express how they feel about him and his new haircut.

Finally, Crossfire has extended itself across the Columbia River, now with a presence in Mordor Oregon.

Actually no, finally we have the terrible incident of the punched referee slipping into a coma before dying yesterday. The referee sustained the traumatic injury when a 17 year-old player punched him in the head in disagreement. Referees subject themselves to a lot as it is, many of which I have been guilty of, physical violence and death should not be included.

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