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Major Link Soccer: League-wide reaction to salary release

Plus atttendance news, a plea for Totti in New England, and a profile of Jordan Morris.

No surprise. Thierry Henry is the highest-paid player in MLS
No surprise. Thierry Henry is the highest-paid player in MLS
Mike Stobe

I imagine most of you spent at least some of your day outside on Monday, soaking in the mid-80s temperatures. But some of you, at least, came to Sounder at Heart to read news of the MLS players' union releasing 2013 salaries. The annual spring release, which is always followed by an update in the fall, is a chance for fans to learn way more about player compensation than the league ever exposes. And the best breakdown of some interesting facts and data from the release was crunched by our own Liviu Bird. If you have not read his post, do so. It's worth it.

Meanwhile league news was dominated by reaction to the release. Here are links to some of the best stories on SB Nation team blogs. In some cases I have found the comments below the stories as interesting and as full of information as the posts themselves:

  • That's definitely the case at Stumptown Footy, where Timbers fans reacted to their relatively cheap - but currently winning lineup.
  • One comment in the Brotherly Game blog point out that one of their most important players this year is making about $58 per minute played, with their biggest-salary players ride the bench.
  • On the Burgundy Wave site, the blogger points out that the Rapids are "rather frugal" this year, with striker Edson Buddle the highest paid player at $275,000 for the season.
  • Up in Toronto, the folks at Waking the Red have a poll up where the consensus is keeper Joe Bendik is the best player for the money on the squad. He's making $46,500 and has assumed the role of starting keeper.
  • Among the interesting news in Dallas is that former University of Washington defender George John, who flirted with a move to England, saw his salary increase from $47,000 to $275,000.

There was some non-salary related news yesterday worth reading too.

Up in New England, the blogger at The Bent Musket makes an argument for 36-year-old Francesco Totti signing with the Revolution this summer. Totti recently said if he didn't re-sign with Roma he would like to play in the United States.

Kenn Tomasch has been writing about soccer attendance in the United States for many years. Here's his latest piece, which points out that an earlier start of the season in MLS may mean the league's total attendance figure will be down this year from 2012.

And last, but not least, Yanks Abroad takes a look at the "meteoric rise" of Sounders academy player Jordan Morris.

- Scott Ayers

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