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Djimi Traore makes Jimmy Nielsen's tongue very sad in stoppage time. (Animated)

Jimmy Nielsen's stoppage time nightmares versus the Sounders have returned thanks to a Djimi Traore "poacher's goal" in the fourth minute of added time.

Djimi puts a spork in it.

I have already dubbed it "The Sporking of Kansas City", but the late winner by Seattle Sounders FC centerback Djimi Traore may be the spark that this season needed. Adding himself to the long line of Sounder defenders who have scored against (Tyrone Marshall, Jeff Parke, Patrick Ianni, Zach Scott), Traore sealed a big road win and three points for the Sounders.

Watch as Collin completely whiffs at his attempt to clear the ball (delicious), then Kai Kamara calling for offsides as he's clearly keeping all of the Sounders onside, and then Tongue-wag Nielsen call for offisdes/handball instead of attempting a save on the shot:


Bonus gif - sad face. How many Sounders nightmares keep you awake at night, Jimmy Nielsen?:


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