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Sigi Schmid prematch quote sheet

Sigi talked to the media via conference call yesterday. Here is everything he said that relates to the game against Chivas USA.

(On the status of Osvaldo Alonso and Steve Zakuani...) "Alonso traveled down here. Steve Zakuani did not. We'll make a determination tomorrow morning. It's more of a day-of-game decision for Ozzie. He trained today, so that was good, so we'll see how he feels tomorrow."

(On all that is going on with the Chivas USA organization...) "I think it makes them all the more dangerous. I wish none of that would have happened this week. I wish they still had the same coach, I wish they wouldn't have had to put out the press release, I wish they didn't have an interim coach right now. We're running in the blind. We're guessing. We sort of knew the system of play that the old coach was playing-we didn't necessarily know who the players were going to be on the field because he changed the lineup so frequently. We knew they played with three in the back, we knew that they played with four to five in the midfield-sometimes four with three up front, sometimes five in midfield and two up front-but we knew they were pretty constant in terms of how they approached the game. Now, we're going into the game and we don't know what changes the interim coach is going to bring. Is he going to switch to four in the back? Is he going to have them play more of a traditional formation? Is he going to have them play as aggressively in terms of playing forward and making runs forward as the team did before? Those are all now unknowns. From that standpoint, the topsy-turvy week they've had makes it a little more difficult for us to prepare."

(On his message to the team after the results this week...) "My message to the team is you can't be complacent, you can't think you're there. The moment you think you're there something comes up and bites you in the rear end. You can't be complacent. As players, you have to realize that every day you're fighting for your job. Sometimes players think, ‘I'm secure, I'm safe,' but you have to realized that you're only as good as your last game. Every day is a new challenge for all of us-for the coaching staff, for the players on the field. People have short memories oftentimes, so right now it's about us getting people to think about this game on Saturday against Chivas and how we did in this game and forgetting about the other two."

(On balancing the need for Alonso to return and getting him healthy...) "What you always do, in all my years of coaching, is you try and make decisions that are best for the team. Usually the decisions that are best for the team end up being the best decisions for the individual, as well. In Ozzie's case, you can say, ‘Well it's best for the team to put him on the field,' but if putting him on the field in this game puts him into a very high probability of re-injuring himself or making the injury worse, then that's not really best for the team. That ends up being the worst thing for the team. What you're doing is constantly running that balance."

(On making up for the leadership lost on the field with guys gone on national team duty...) "You still have people. Djimi Traore can fill that role-he's a player with a lot of experience who's shown some good locker room leadership, as well, for us. He's an important guy there. Servando Carrasco has been around; he's on the field...Zach Scott has been on the field. [Jhon] Kennedy Hurtado has played a lot of years here already. There's a lot of guys that can step up. In our game in Tampa, it wasn't because of a lack of leadership. I thought the guys were good at getting together as a group when the goal happened, really saying, ‘Hey, step this up a level,' and they did. I was happy with that part of it, for sure."

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