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USA-Panama Gameday Setlist

Fuel your passion with some classic songs about America, but since this is Seattle we start where we must - Hendrix.

He is ours (Seattle's). The song is ours (America's). Your United States National Team set list has to start with Hendrix for all his quirks and the unique version of the song. It helped define a time. It comes from our streets.

So as we take off on a Seattle themed playlist for the day that America's soccer attention is on the Puget Sound, let's Rock.

There is a lot of angst streaking the surface of CenturyLink and complaining about the smaller than normal Seattle soccer crowd, so I give you Grievance by Pearl Jam.

Let's return though to the theme of the day and the night - America. It is our land. And the man who brought you Roll on Columbia, Roll on.

Seattle may be Southeast Alaska, but it is a part of America. We live here. Our land is your land and we're proud to share it with you.

F--- Yeah. This is not safe for work, or young ears, but for those willing to listen to a little edge, it is a hype song like none other.

It's game time. Let's dance (NSFW).

Because America is here with us tonight. We are both Sounders and Americans. Our party will be grand and young. It's Fresh (NSFW).

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