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USA v Panama- Gamethread

All the eyes of American soccer will be on Seattle tonight and we wouldn't want in any other way. ESPN will start airing the match at 7 PM Pacific immediately following the Mexico-Costa Rica qualifier. The US is on 7 points in 4 played. Panama has 6 points.


United States v Panama in a World Cup Qualifier has a few different meanings. There is the quest to continue the consecutive World Cup appearances run. Jurgen Klinsmann continues to refine his roster and tactics. Seattle gets to host a vital game and see if it can measure to the only standard that exists in America - Seattle.

That first measure is easy to meet - just beat Panama. Yes, the American side is reduced. That should not matter. This is the USA, at home. Home losses are quite rare for us (I'll use us today, I'm American). America's nephew, Duece and Timmy can lead this squad just fine.

Jurgen is going to try something odd. He keeps doing it. At the end of the last stage of qualifying it was Eddie Johnson as a target winger. There's Run DMB at left back rather than a forward or winger. Last week it was Brad Evans as a right back. Tonight, who knows? Maybe he runs a diamond. It will be a thing we have yet to see. It will be bizarre. It will probably work. Maybe he does all three of those at once and slips in another wrinkle.

Finally, the whole attendance/experience debate will be tested. The crowd will be HUGE for a World Cup Qualifier. It will be as strongly American as any, ever. But we're Seattle. Our measure is not the rest of America when it comes to soccer. The measure is simply - Seattle. In Seattle we do soccer differently, and tonight will be part of that. The numbers will not tell the story. We will tell our story. We are American. We are Seattle. We are Sounders. Measure us against ourselves. We don't care. Welcome to our city's presentation of the United States National Team.

How We're Watching

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