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Major Link Soccer: USMNT Salt Lake, National Stadium?

USMNT Salt Lake (cue Law and Order music/Won't Get Fooled Again)

Brad Evans, destroyer of worlds.
Brad Evans, destroyer of worlds.

This week, Sigi Schmid is mulling over what to do at the right back spot in the absence of DeAndre Yedlin. In consideration are Zach Scott (MAN MARKER!) and Brad Evans, who will be coming off another National Team performance (in Salt Lake). Over the next four days, it would behoove him to get one of those punch cards at the local Subway and just go wild for the whole team, then get his freebee over the weekend when the team flies back. Would it be of extra benefit for Evans to play the same position on the same field twice in four days? Maybe psychologically.

In other Mens National Team news, Jermaine Jones has been cleared to play at Rio TInto against Honduras, though there's no guarantee that he will in fact take the field. There are a LOT of players on yellow cards, so all hands will be on deck until further notice (aka REST of the QUALIFYING MATCHES). Rio Tinto, as we know, is one of several homes for the Nats this season (and every). There is serious talk about establishing a home stadium, and Seattle is one of the candidates mentioned by someone close to the team. It wouldn't be the first time a country as big as the states had a home pitch, but places like Russia and China don't have two well populated coasts to worry about.

There seem to be few positives to an MLS club pairing up with a big foreign club. One of the cool ones would be having friendlies with that team and having all the fans show up to root for the two. Chivas... they don't get it. Guadalajara came to the Stub Hub Center for a match, and yet it wasn't even open for people to watch. Chivas USA may not be popular, but wouldn't their big brothers have at least sold a few tickets? This is so confusing...

Vancouver's Kenny Miller may have been player of the week for his terrific performance against the New England Revolution on Saturday. Miller scored twice in the 4-3 win, both of which are excellent contenders for goal of the week. That's right. Kenny Miller is splitting the vote against himself.

I'm kind of fed up with posting these sad stories about involved soccer fans and professionals dying or being abused. We've got some resolution in the killing of a Dutch linesman, but there's going to be another story just like it next month. And the month after. Can we all just agree to stop?

Even as the Confederations Cup has its problems (some countries just don't belong) this year's installment had some encouraging television ratings.

You know what they say about ECS' official beer? They say it has No Equal. It seems that a panel of Washington beer aficionados agree.

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