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Major Link Soccer: Seattle's Real Rivals, David Beckham Causes Stampede

The Chinese can't get enough of Sir Becks.

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One of these faces is not like the others. (Hint: It's the one about to celebrate)
One of these faces is not like the others. (Hint: It's the one about to celebrate)
Al Bello

Since 2011, most any discussion of the Seattle Sounders has included their two regional rivals. It is hardly a surprise when the fan interactions create great commercials for the league. But on the field, there is another squad perhaps more adequate to be called Seattle's "arch-nemesis". A club that cloaks itself in Claret, Cobalt, and Polygyny. Since 2009, the teams are 5-5-5 in MLS play. Only one of those games has been decided by as many as two goals. They've knocked each other out of the playoffs. Each has won their fair share of hardware, and both are really, really tired of the Galaxy. The two best holding midfielders in the league play for these two teams, and both may be in action this weekend. This game is streaming for free on MLS Live tomorrow, so there's almost no excuse not to tune in (if for no other reason than to figure out what the roster will be, a mystery not even the Scooby Doo crew could decipher).

Benjamin Massey believes that Seattle's current run of form is a sign of a fall to come. The Sounders appear to have had terrific luck in shots on goal, and are due for a regression to the mean.

Back to the more traditional Sounders enemies, the Timbers got a whole article to themselves in USA Today, ironically lacking in substance. Unlike us, they're still participating in the US Open Cup, with its funky home/away awarding system (which the Fire got another close-ish look at).

Former Sounder Tyson Wahl has been making headlines with his goals, but it turns out his recent performances have been more than just abusing nets. In fact, Wahl has turned out to be a very valuable player in 2013.

Where David Beckham's hypnotizing hair goes, his adoring masses will follow. So it went when Becks visited China to bestow the locals with his incredible British-ness. It's okay, I can tell that joke. One of my best friends is British. But things went wrong, and his charm spell worked too well. Suddenly, a stampede broke out, injuring seven people. We're just lucky he didn't say anything about tea and crumpets, or there would have been DEATHS.
(As far as I'm concerned, he's still only the second best Bender.)

Danny Califf's arrival in Toronto was much anticipated, as one of the more prolific defenders in the league for a few years. The reality of the situation has not met the expectations, and he is currently riding the bench of a poor defensive team.

Designer Mike Retrum has put together a mock up kit and logo for the coming NY2. There are already a few MLS clubs utilizing light blue (Vancouver, Kansas City, Colorado) and a few more using significant amounts of other blue shades (Montreal, San Jose) but it isn't a bad look by any means.

The Seattle Reign made two signings this week, bringing in Stephanie Cox and Kennya Corder. They also made their signing of Megan Rapinoe official, though right now it doesn't seem like a stretch to think that Abby Wambach would have been a better pick in the allocation draft. She broke Mia Hamm's all time scoring record with that header.

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