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2013 Sounder at Heart/Nos Audietis Scarf Preorders

It took us a while, but now we want you to tell us you want to buy scarves.

We're doing two scarves this year. One a celebration of the Nos Audietis and the other of Sounder at Heart
We're doing two scarves this year. One a celebration of the Nos Audietis and the other of Sounder at Heart

This year there are two scarves for your enjoyment. Both are not generic and have particular call outs to the community here. If you do not like them for the specificity, we will also have some t-shirts in the near future. All together the line should meet your needs whether you want to embrace the quirky or share your passion for the site and the team.

2013 Sounder at Heart Scarf


Referencing one the earliest match analysis posts on Sounder at Heart this is an Ender's Game inspired scarf. The blue side is a pure call to the site. On the green side the phrase "The Enemy's Goal Is Down" is a reference to an attacking focus that places an emphasis on the simplest rule of the game - what defines victory, go for that and only that. The hanging ends on that side pull out the site motto in both English and Latin, because we will be heard.

2013 Nos Audietis Scarf


Calling out to the podcast's closing line "You'll Never Yacht Alone" this scarf also features a skeletal yachtsman and when wrapped around your face replaces your mouth and jaw with that of the ascot-wearing, pipe-smoking skull. It is simple with an anchor on one end and "Nos Audietis" on the other. The dominant blue is a clear call to the open oceans which all Sounders fans enjoy as they yacht to matches together.

[Editor's note: LikkitP heads sold separately]

Both scarves will be $20 with shipping and handling to be determined based on overall quantities manufactured, needing to be mailed and by how much apparel you order. We are not asking for your money at this time. This preorder will be the only way to be sure that you get a scarf as it will help guide us in determining total production. At least one viewing party is set to help distribute the scarves (and a couple other neat things). That event will be for the August 31st match against the Columbus Crew with many more details to come. You should save the date.

Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your continued interest in the site.

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