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Major Link Soccer: Chivas Supporters Rebel, Pro Shop Opening

Those who are loyal enough to support Chivas USA have had enough of the club's crap. Who can blame them?


If one were to make a list of the MLS organizations with the best management and ownership, teams like Chivas and the Revolution would be near the bottom of said list. Both clubs have had real problems with competitiveness and relationships with their most loyal fans. And while New England seems to be on the cusp of a turnaround, (stadium rumors, 19,000 in attendance for a 5-0 beatdown of the Galaxy over the weekend) the same cannot be said about a Chivas group that only seems to fall deeper into disrepair. The supporters have been fed up for some time, but Chivas policy is to disallow signs and tifo negative about the club. So, they are doing what any jilted lover does in such a situation: write a message to them in the sky. I wouldn't typically recommend tuning into a Galaxy match, but stay tuned when they take on the Chivas June 23. No word yet on whether Civil Twilight will be playing at halftime.

While I'm on the subject of the Revolution turnaround, the club has partnered with the Connecticut Football Club, lending a little more credence to the "New England" name (rather than "Boston"... sigh...)

When you're headed to the Clink this weekend, bring plenty of cash; the new, expanded Centurylink Field Pro Shop will be open for business. Two floors of Soundery, Seahawky goodness, hopefully without so much of the lines and the Mission Impossible-style contortions to get between that lady who can't decide which bumper sticker to get her new college grad and the man trying on three jerseys at once.

Will the removal of the Open Cup "crutch" allow the Sounders to meet their full potential? That seems to be the opinion of Jonah Freeman. Not sure how winning a knockout tournament three times in a row is a "crutch", but I digress.

The MLS Cup, regardless of destination, is scheduled for 1:30 Pacific Time. Which means that if the team with the best record is out on the west coast, the game will be played in the sun. In the Afternoon. On A Saturday. Not exactly the best or most exciting time slot. An hour or two later seems far better to the uneducated mind.

Our friends over at We Ain't Got No History seem excited to be getting Jose Mourinho back.

MLS has improved in obtaining foreign talent over the last half decade or so, but that may be having a negative impact on development of local talent. Despite a great crop of homegrown players this year, the LA Times is worried.

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