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Obafemi Martins' Red Card part of Instant Reply

Simon Borg claims it is "GREAT CALL BY SALAZAR!"

At 2:46 of the video review the week's most egregious calls the Red Card that has Sounders fans again question Ricardo Salazar is reviewed. In this case Borg ignores several things that happen. Yes, Obafemi Martins moved after the whistle.

How many steps does Martins take after the first whistle? Was Martins pulled down on top of Gabe Farfan? After the second whistle was Martins supposed to levitate as not a single portion of his body was touching the ground? What was Gabe Farfan's hand doing in Martins special region? Do Borg/Salazar really expect Obafemi's foot to detach itself from his body so it does not make contact with the player that just drug him across his own body?

It certainly was not a "GREAT CALL BY SALAZAR," but is likely not one to get overturned as the view Salazar had can not be disputed. Since that is the case answering the questions to determine an appeal's success are difficult.

The panel's members will independently apply the following two questions to the action that prompted the referee's decision to issue a red card:

  • Did the referee correctly identify the offence in accordance with the Laws of the Game?
  • Is the disciplinary sanction applied appropriate for the offence?

If the answer to both of the above is YES, then the appeal is not upheld (i.e., unsuccessful) and the Panel will determine:

A team only gets two appeals a year, and if frivolous (where the blockquote ends) a team not only loses all appeals for the year, they also lose $25,000 dollars.

The real question as to if an appeal is held is if Obafemi Martins was in control of his body at the time of the blow to the head. If he was the call was correct. If he was not then the call was not.

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