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Stankovic rumors persist; Can he help the Sounders?

The longtime Inter Milan midfielder may be looking for plane flights to Cascadia

We chose this image because sex sells.
We chose this image because sex sells.
Valerio Pennicino

Dejan Stankovic's agents are apparently in talks with Inter to negotiate a release from his contract and the Seattle Sounders are rumored to be are among the potential destinations (a list which includes Toronto FC, the United Arab Emirates, and retirement).

First off, let's get the obvious out of the way right now: yes, there's every chance that this rumor is just an agent using the Sounders as a price inflator. Also, even if the interest is real, salary cap and other mundane issues could prevent the Sounders from closing any deal.

Having said that, this rumor seems to be persisting as it first came up almost a month ago and there's at least someone out there who is continuing to push it. Let us set pessimism and reality aside for a moment, and pretend Stankovic signs for the Sounders this summer. What does he bring? His game is about skill and creativity, and is known for hitting occasional long distance bombs for the highlight reels. Even though the Sounders have been favoring a two defensive mid setup, Stankovic could make a great partner for Alonso in the middle in a more traditional defensive/offensive combo. It's hard not to feel a bit giddy at the prospect of a central midfield with such classy passing skills, exchanging precise passes and sending pinpoint passes out to our attackers.

That long range previously mentioned would be a potent weapon and would extend the Sounders' threat out to 25 yards and beyond. A good number of Stankovic's goals have been scored that way, including some extremely memorable ones from beyond 35 yards. This would provide an outlet in cases where opponents have packed the penalty area and are effective in preventing any close in shots.

Such a move would undoubtedly carry risks. Stankovic is 34, and made only 3 appearances for Inter last year. He has a history of injuries and could be a risk for more. It could be he won't cope well in the physicality of MLS. However, his skill set could be extremely useful for the Sounders, and if the details do work out for a deal, it may well be worth those risks.

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