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Major Link Soccer: Leroux Responds, Gomez Transfers, Two Florida Clubs in 2016?

And the winner of the Gomez sweepstakes is???


Sydney Leroux has had a weird week. After being verbally harassed by fellow twitterers and the fans in Toronto, Leroux scored in the US National Team game and took the opportunity to give back a little of the love she has been receiving. It can't be easy as a mixed-race woman playing soccer for a living after choosing to play for the United States instead of her native Canada. I defend to the death her right to tell those Torontans off, and not just because Leroux is my favorite female athlete in the world. The bad part of some social media sites is that trolls can spread whatever scummy ignorant filth they want to without repercussion. It's covered under free speech, but sometimes one can wish that the founding fathers had added a stipulation for trolls and bigots to be spayed and neutered.

Herculez Gomez is on the move, but it isn't to Seattle. Or Los Angeles. Or Chicago. Or Toronto. Or (lol) Chivas. Rather, he is headed to San Diego Tijuana, where he can experience all the fun of the border crossing. Tijuana is far from the nicest place in Mexico, I guess is the point.

I know we say this every week, but the announcement of NYC20 was SUPPOSED to be the end of expansion talk for a while. Turns out it isn't even the end of expansion talk in that CITY. Yeah, on the day that the New York Cosmos announced they had a sponsorship deal with Emirates, it was discovered that the team is in "dialogue" with MLS commissioner with Don Garber. That could mean a lot of things, but it seems to imply that the team expects to be at the top flight at some point (whether that means merging with the Red Bulls (PLEASE!) or being the THIRD team in the New York area. Not only that, it now appears that some consideration is being given to "Cascadianing" Florida, with two expansion teams in the 2016 season. Orlando and Miami both have some strong arguments, but two teams in a year down south could be asking for problems. We may know more in the next two weeks.

Stumptown Footy has been looking at the effects of trades and transfers on players and teams. This is the second part, but they make it easy to find the first.

Michael Gspurning is up for save of the week, as expected. Vote! Or, if you need some reverse psychology, DON'T VOTE! Additionally, Djimi Traore is on the team of the week.

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