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Sounders continue to dominate Whitecaps with 3-2 victory

Behind the impressive play of Lamar Neagle and Obafemi Martins, despite a few defensive errors the Seattle Sounders continued their MLS dominance of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Carrasco ties the game from the spot
Carrasco ties the game from the spot

Lamar Neagle's game winning goal was assisted by Obafemi Martins, but is only a symbol of things the two did all night. They worked to get free. Together they would find ways through and around the Vancouver Whitecaps backline and the 3-2 win is their reward if only a symbol of the things they tried. The two would track back to correct passing errors through defense. Neagle once chased a ball to his own 18. When the midfield pushed too far forward the Seattle defense would find their million dollar striker as an adequate release valve to restart the offense. The did not score all the goals, but they were involved in each. Neagle assisted Rose's opener, drew the penalty and finished Martins short pass.

Seattle was not perfect on the night, but their flow and transition was rapid. The errors came early and gave Vancouver a chance at victory, but the persistent effort to find the proper pass through patient behavior led to dominant possession numbers. The Sounders controlled chance creation and the defense allowed less than 25 passes inside their own third.

Vancouver's first goal was purely earned. A great offensive play that exploited a defense that could not adjust quickly enough. But that second goal was a result of a defense not setting high enough as a whole and forcing one man to try to defend everyone. It was the last major defensive error of the night. The Whitecaps' penetration and attempts to push for a lead and equalizer after the 70th minute Servando Carrasco penalty equalized were hardly worth mentioning. Seattle owned the attack and defense as soon as the game was equalized.

Though he only used two of his three subs, both were the right moves and improved both the defense and the attack. Marc Burch at midfield fit the old asymmetrical mold, but also added a crossing element from a side where Seattle could exploit. As Mauro Rosales tired he was replaced by David Estrada who helped maintain possession while harrying the 'Caps midfield that already could not handle the pressure applied by Rose, Carrasco and Seattle's forwards.

A three-two victory is not a perfect game, but the result continues a strong run of form winning of five of the last six and 6-1-2 in their last 9. Seattle now sits fourth in the West on points and points per game. They have two weeks off to get healthy and see the return of three national team players, though they do lose Yedlin to the U-20 World Cup.

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