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Major Link Soccer: Google Reader Shuts Down, Suarez: "Martinez out of Seattle"

After one memorable play and many starting eleven debates, the Martinez era appears to be over.

Reminds me of 2011, when we had 60,000 plus for a late win.
Reminds me of 2011, when we had 60,000 plus for a late win.

Before we begin, I'd just like to say a few words in memory of something very dear to me. A friend, who I have kept close for seven years, who I have communicated directly with every day in that time, who I wouldn't be here without. Google Reader is dead. Long live Google Reader.

I first met Google Reader (henceforth known as Greg, as in aggregation) in high school, introduced by the most tech savvy person I knew at the time. His ideas on reading internet news were fascinating to me, so I gave it a shot, first focusing on the basics like Kotaku and ESPN. But it soon became obvious that those weren't going to be enough. As time went on, I accumulated more and more of Greg's product, but the more I collected, the more I needed. Several hours of reading headlines and stories every day, long before I ever became an actual blogger. Today, I have every single MLS SB Nation blog, as well as Soccer By Ives, Romero's Times blog, ProSoccerTalk, and others all synced up. When I get home after work, I frequently have over 200 items that need clearing in each section. And now it is gone, and I have to use some other aggregating service to get my news. This sucks. Damn you Google. Damn you... *sob*

It looks like Mario Martinez might truly be on the outs. Jeremiah's roundup on MLSsoccer paints a bleak picture of Martinez' Sounders future, including a quote from the Honduran National Team Coach, Luis Suarez: He only called up the player after learning "he wasn't going to continue" with the team. That, plus the Montero transfer, will leave some dough out there for the Sounders to make improvements in the near future.

It was a crazy weekend around MLS. No less than SIX goals were scored in the 87th minute or later, massively skewing the results and the standings. The Galaxy were making out with Victory's cousin when San Jose walked up, tapped them on the shoulder, smacked them in the mouth, and proceeded where Los Angeles left off. Two stoppage time goals (as the Earthquakes are wont to do) finished erasing the 2-1 deficit they faced in front of 50,000 fans at Stanford Stadium. Philadelphia thought they had claimed three points when Aaron Wheeler put the team up 2-1 in the 87th while up a man, but more than seven minutes were given for added time. Blas Perez took advantage of every second en route to a buzzer beater tying goal. New England was pushed to the 88' to draw equal with Chivas USA and the 7000+ in attendance.

But the game everyone is talking about is the goal-fest that was Montreal v Colorado. In retrospect, title cards should have been made for this Octagon bout. Seven goals, three lead changes, and a finisher in the 96th minute resulted in a Rapids victory against the East leader.

Chivas is looking to acquire Cubo Torres from their parent team, which would be upsetting if the club was anything to worry about. That might not be the extent of their movement. Portland also took out a loan on a player from their parent team, Portmore United. Wait, what do you mean they aren't related? The Earthquakes signed US international defender Clarence Goodson, whose rights had been with the team since 2007. Eriq Zavaleta is still hanging out with the San Antonio Scorpions, who are among three teams that could still win the NASL title.

MLS isn't growing as fast as some would like, and there are fair criticisms to make about how the league is run. In an effort to become NASL 2.0, Don Garber and the league owners have been especially cautious, growing the league in beeps and bloops, to prevent another top-heavy collapse. It is fair to think the league may be more popular if the financial reins were thrown away, now that MLS has outlasted that previous pro league. That of course, assumes that anything needs fixing.

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