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Does Seattle want the MLS All-Star Game?

Question headlines sure are gimmicky, but I honestly couldn't be more straightforward.

Drew Hallowell

You may have heard that the Portland Timbers are going to host the 2014 MLS All-Star Game. Good for them. It's another well-deserved feather in their cap.

The Twitter reaction in Seattle has somewhat predictably fallen into two camps: 1. Why not us? 2. Who cares?

I'm actually a little surprised. As evidenced by our lackluster interest in the All-Star Game voting (which doesn't even guarantee that those players will be named to the gameday roster, by the way), it would seem that at the very least people here aren't excited about the All-Star Game. Maybe it would be different if the game were here, though.

On one side, we have the argument that the All-Star Game is just a fancy friendly. We don't need to weighs the pros and cons of this. Without getting into the details, there's clearly a vocal opposition to the Sounders participating in friendlies.

But this is a bit more complicated, I'd argue. For one, the players actually like the All-Star Game. At the very least, they like the bonuses they get from being in them. Barring outside circumstances, they are going to play whether it's in Seattle or not.

We're also probably overstating the amount of animosity toward friendlies anyway. Yes, there are some very vocal critics but I'm not at all convinced that the average fan minds seeing big clubs play in their home stadium. Would I rather see the Sounders play a meaningful game against a Mexican opponent in CONCACAF Champions League? Of course. But would I have to be dragged to see a couple Sounders amongst a group of All-Stars play one of the world's biggest clubs? No.

So here's my question: Do you want the Sounders to pursue the All-Star Game?

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