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Major Link Soccer: Winner of "Most Boned by Referees", 70 Yard Goal

And also, the littlest, cutest Capo you'll ever see

Alright Martin, try scoring from THERE.
Alright Martin, try scoring from THERE.
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Blackburn Rovers supporters have a pretty good reputation. And why not, when you spend your time rooting for a club on the outside of the English Premier League and in the lower divisions of Britain's best. Now, I think we have been introduced to the future of Blackburn fandom; the hardest of the hardcore ten year-olds, leading his fellow supporters in the chants of his club. This is what happens when soccer moms put skull-embossed family stickers on their minivans. And no NFL owners can take it away (as hard as they may try).

Chris Wondolowski is the superstitious sort. You know, the kind of guy who doesn't step on the line when he enters the pitch, who puts his left arm through his jersey before the right, who cuts Steven Lenhart's hair with the same pair of scissors every time (and makes a little nick on the back of the neck to cause ultraviolence). So when he scores a hat trick with three Ws on his jersey, you can be damn sure he's going to do it again.

A player for the Red Bulls scored on a 70 yard shot over the weekend. No, not those Red Bulls. A player for Austria's "Red Bull Salzburg" took the shot and saw it pay off from a long ways out. The New York chapter didn't need a shot like that; they downed Montreal 4-0 on Saturday. While that was happening, the Red Bulls were letting go of Digao, which seems to end any chance of bringing in his brother (some guy by the name of Kaka).

Other than Vancouver's 3-1 victory over the Chicago Fire on Sunday, it was a bad weekend for Canadian Soccer. Along with the aforementioned Montreal loss, Toronto sustained their 9th downing of the season and the Gold Cup squad drew with Panama. Toronto also saw Danny Califf retire and Darren O'Dea leave for the Ukraine, leaving their defensive line in even greater shambles. They may want to take advantage of those extra DPs we've been hearing about.

On Friday, Chivas USA did what Chivas USA does because Chivas USA is Chivas USA. In reality, they may have deserved a 1-1 draw when they traveled to Philadelphia on Friday. But in one of the cruelest calls in recent memory, a deflection off a defender's foot was picked up by two time Player of the Month Dan Kennedy, where it was whistled for a backwards pass. Philadelphia converted the free kick and scored again late for the 3-1 win.

In the other games: New England also saw some questionable officiating in their 1-2 loss at home to Houston, Salt Lake destroyed FC Dallas 0-3, and the Portland Timbers earned their first stoppage-time win in a 2-1 victory over the Galaxy. Robbie Keane appears to have sustained an injury that may keep him off the pitch a little while.

Twitter plans to change their policies for promoted trends during big events, like the World Cup and the Olympics.

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