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Instant Replay again features a Sounders' red card

Remember when Simon Borg said that the eventually overturned Obafemi Martins' red card was a great call? He is quite likely to be tested again as he says that Alonso deserves his red.

At about 3:49 of the video Simon Borg reviews the red card shown to Osvaldo Alonso, but the lead up is quite important. Two other highlights show swinging arms and elbows. The first was called a red. The second could have been and then there is the Alonso incident.

Not only is no contact made to the head or neck (a clear red), there also isn't an attempt at contact to the head or neck. Alonso is shovey. So is Dan Gargan. Borg feels there is intent, but does not define the intent, and calls it a red.

But, if Alonso is intending to hit a man in the head wouldn't Alonso swing at the head? Or is he such an incompetent pugilist that when intending to hit a man in the head he would shove ineffectively at the chest?

That's the problem with this review. There is no evidence of a blow to the head or neck. There is no evidence of an attempted blow to the head or neck. There is evidence that Gargan held Alonso by the wrist and prevented him to gain freedom to make a move. Look at when Gargan HOLDS ALONSO AND PREVENTS HIM FROM MAKING A MOVE.

sorry channeled Borg

What there is is the typical pushing and shoving during a free kick.

Borg reviews other plays and finds the incident where Michael Gspurning suffered the injury to be worth a second yellow. That would change the match. He also sees a penalty against Leo Gonzalez and on replay I can't disagree.

But the red against Alonso is horrid.

Today I asked Sigi Schmid if they would appeal the card. He was open to the idea but would not indicate whether they have or will, "That's something we might do. It’s something we’ll think about if we think it’s appropriate."

The last time Seattle appealed a Borg "Great Call" Seattle came out ahead. The Sounders still have two failed challenges left on the season.

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