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Scarves and Shirts now available for purchase

By partnering with a local silk screener, Sounder at Heart and Nos Audietis are offering not just a scarf this year, but also shirts.

Pink Press Screen Printing, Sounder at Heart and Nos Audietis worked together to develop some screen printed shirts that continue to capture the energy behind the community at the website and podcast. Our store is now live. Please shop. This is one of the ways (besides reading, commenting and sharing over social media) that you can show the support for what we do.

Both styles of shirts are available in men's and women's cuts. The "You Will Hear Us" shirt is also available in a junior's cut. Both styles are two-sided and have the Sounder at Heart logo on the left sleeve, close to your heart. The shirts will ship after a 12-day preorder period to take advantage of bulk production and reduce costs. That will end on July 29th at 5 PM. After that order period the cost will increase.

So what are these no longer mythical and oft teased shirts?

"You Will Hear Us" is the English version of the site motto. It features iconic imagery from near the stadium. The shirt is charcoal in color with the verbiage and imagery in green, blue and white.


Back via

"You'll Never Yacht Alone" is for the distinguished lover of scarves, pipes and yachts. Being Seattle soccer fans means that you not only have the finest taste, but also the best podcast around the web. It is in white and green on blue.


Front via

If you preordered your scarf a couple weeks ago we are now able to accept payment and arrange shipping. If you can not pay via the four options provided, please contact us to arrange special arrangements.

If you opt out of shipping (for scarves or shirts) you will need to pick them up at a viewing party. The next scheduled viewing party is at World of Beer in Renton on August 31st from 3 PM until the end of the game against the Crew. It will not be our last event and we may be able to arrange pickup at other events once the scarves arrive. We will update everyone that purchases a scarf when they are shipping after they are physically in our hands.

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