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Sounders v Colorado Rapids - Gamethread

The 1 PM match between Western Conference hope-to-be-contenders will help define the second half of the season. The traditional two points per match played in the Summer and Fall needs to start now for the Seattle Sounders to resume their quest for a fifth straight playoff appearance and that elusive MLS Cup.


Under the bluest skies the shortly after 1 PM kick will see the greenest of greens take the pitch against a team that they've dominated over the past 4.5 years. Seattle Sounders FC can not look to history, instead they must succeed now against a Colorado Rapids side that is fueled by young players and key vets.

The center of the pitch will be highly contested. Osvaldo Alonso is clearly awesome. Nathan Sturgis became pretty damn good. Both of their support players are decent. More so than usual that CM v CM battle will be important. Colorado's young and/or speedy full backs an present an issue. It will be up to the wide players of Seattle to threaten enough that Wynne and Klute do not get forward.

Substitution options will be limited which will test the endurance of the Sounders who are +5 in the final third of matches. The Rapids score more often and give up more late goals but are a decent +2. Lastly, Carrasco, Rosales and Burch need to provide a bit of magic from the dead ball. It's lacking on the season, but can help influence when and where the opposition fouls.

Game time is 1 PM with a small pregame remembrance for a fallen fan just prior to that.

TV: KONG 6/16 (Fletcher/Graham)
Radio: KIRO 97.3 FM (Fletcher/Graham)
Spanish Radio: La Gran D 99.3 FM (Aleman/Hernandez)
Spanish TV: THIS-TV - KOMO 4.2 (Mendez/Alcaraz)

Referee: Ismail Elfath - MLS Career: 16 games; FC/gm: 24.5; Y/gm: 2.9; R: 5; pens: 7
AR1 (bench): George Gansner; AR2 (opposite): Frank Anderson; 4th: Daniel Radford

Disabled List: SEA: Josh Ford, Steve Zakuani, COL: Diego Calderón

Suspended: None
Suspended next yellow card: SEA: Jhon Kennedy Hurtado - COL: Shane O'Neill, Hendry Thomas
Suspended next two yellow cards: Eddie Johnson - COL: Dillon Powers

International Absences: SEA: Eddie Johnson

Tactical Keys

  • Central Command
  • Pin Fullbacks back back
  • Latter Third
  • Be A Magician

Player Matchups

  • Servando Carrasco v Nick LaBrocca
  • Rosales/Yedlin v Brown/Klute
  • Osvaldo Alonso v Nate Sturgis

How We're Watching
Scarf: Nos Audietis 2011 (buy a 2013)
Kit: 2009 Rave Green
Where I'm Watching: Sec: 214 Row B/C, Seats 1,2,3

Nos Audietis In Somniis | Nos Audietis In Altum

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