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Major Link Soccer: Reasonable World Cup prices, Dave Clark talks about July

The local radio scene has taken some steps backward in recent months, but Dave Clark is on the case!

Because that other guy won't ever have his picture on SAH as long as I have a say
Because that other guy won't ever have his picture on SAH as long as I have a say
Patrick McDermott

The tickets for events like the Olympics and the World Cup are usually so expensive that they price out the common folk of the host region. FIFA, however, has heard the calls of the masses and will make lots of cheap tickets available for Brazil's World Cup next year. Sure, it won't pay for roads or schools or police officers, but at least there will be some benefit for people most suffering.

Sunday's Gold Cup match will be good preparation for said World Cup, what with all the hostile fans they encountered in Baltimore and will encounter in Brazil. It didn't seem to phase them at all as Landon Donovan collected a goal and four assists in the 5-1 victory over El Salvador. For the Donovan-Haters (like myself) it was a statement that taking his ball and going home for three months didn't mean he wanted to actually quit for reals, but just show everyone how much they NEEDED him.

Our very own Dave Clark went on with Dick Fain on KJR and went into the issues the Sounders have been having in July this year. July has historically been a pretty good month for the team, but not this year.

Nate Silver has long been one of the predominant predictive statistical analysts in many a field (including sports and politics), and will now be a fixture on ESPN. The guy did predict the Seahawks in the Super Bowl last year though, so he can't be THAT good. Wait, you mean he accurately predicted the votes of almost every district in the country in the 2012 election? Sounds like luck to me.

Michael Bradley impressed many a Seattle fan with his play against Panama in the WCQ last month, and now he has his own full segment on the latest episode of MLS Insider. Coincidence? I think not.

The situation for Chivas USA has become so bad that HBO did a report on the sorry state of the club. I especially focused on the new, borderline racist policies they have for players and staff. Hopefully Peter Dinklage will star in the second report.

How far will MLS expand? With New York guaranteed 20 and Miami seemingly a sure thing after that, several other cities are trying to get in on the action while the iron is hot.

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