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Crunchy Power Rankings: Week 22

The midseason edition of the CPR continues the 2013 tradition of the current Supporters Shield leaders being in the bottom half of the rankings. It hasn't worked out well for those other teams, so how's RSL going to handle it?

RSL take a fall in this month's rankings. Is their current form just a mirage?
RSL take a fall in this month's rankings. Is their current form just a mirage?
Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sport

Your July edition of the Crunchy Power Rankings are below. Do they still hate onetime Supporters Shield contenders FC Dallas and Montreal Impact? (yes). Do they still love those young, plucky Rapids? (yes). Read on!

This is sort of a special edition. Since we're roughly at the halfway point of the season, these are the rankings I'll use to grade the CPR after the season is over. If they're any good, these rankings will correlate better with how teams do in the second half than their position in the actual standings (and maybe I'll throw in some other power rankings to compare against for giggles).

Here are the updated rankings, with a little commentary to follow:

Team Duels Box Shots Off
Pass %
Recoveries Total
1 Sporting Kansas City 1.51 4.5 11.83 4.8 95
7th 2nd 1st 1st
2 LA Galaxy 0.35 4.56 7.31 -1.06 72
11th 1st 2nd 13th
3 Chicago Fire 3.03 1.45 -2.62 4.3 70
2nd 5th 10th 2nd
4 New York Red Bulls 2.74 1.54 5.18 0.4 66
4th 4th 4th 7th
5 Portland Timbers 1.46 -0.85 4.91 3.33 63
8th 13th 5th 3rd
6 Colorado Rapids 2.53 1.93 4.32 -1.85 61
6th 3rd 6th 17th
7 San Jose Earthquakes 2.87 0.67 -3.58 2.49 61
3rd 6th 13th 6th
8 Houston Dynamo 1.27 0.25 -2.75 3.11 59
9th 8th 11th 4th
9 Philadelphia Union -0.8 0.14 -4.53 2.94 54
13th 9th 16th 5th
10 Columbus Crew 3.67 -0.69 1.66 -0.42 54
1st 12th 8th 9th
11 Seattle Sounders FC 0.68 -0.87 3.67 -0.81 48
10th 14th 7th 12th
12 Montreal Impact 2.62 0.43 -7.92 -0.74 48
5th 7th 19th 10th
13 Real Salt Lake -4.53 -0.34 7 -1.57 42
18th 10th 3rd 16th
14 FC Dallas -1.76 -0.6 -3.13 -1.49 37
14th 11th 12th 15th
15 Vancouver Whitecaps -0.36 -2.63 -6.08 -1.29 30
12th 17th 18th 14th
16 D.C. United -2.43 -3.79 -2.47 -0.02 29
16th 18th 9th 8th
17 New England Revolution -6.26 -0.89 -5.19 -0.77 29
19th 15th 17th 11th
18 Toronto FC -1.79 -1.32 -4.33 -6.32 20
15th 16th 14th 19th
19 Chivas USA -3.89 -4.15 -4.39 -3.93 13
17th 19th 15th 18th

In the last edition, I promised to eat my hat or something if FC Dallas was still at the top of the Supporters Shield standings the next time I published the rankings. Despite an inferno of a start to the season, the underlying statistics have never been promising. My hats — from the cadets to the duckbills — are perfectly safe. A month later, Dallas aren't just off the top of the table, they're barely in the playoffs.

Similarly, the Impact were never impressive by crunchy standards. They're actually the biggest movers up since the last edition, but it's from 17th to 12th. Their ability to will opposing shots onto the woodwork was predictably unsustainable and they've fallen off, though they're still second in the East. Again, that's not a situation I'd expect to last long. If I made another hat-eating wager for next month it'd be on New York passing up Montreal comfortably.

The biggest fall is courtesy of the Whitecaps, who've struggled without Russell Teibert (or Captain Canada, as I like to call him). That's a hopeful development for a Sounders team that needs to run down a current playoff team to make the postseason. Right now both Vancouver and Dallas look like wounded gazelle drifting back from the playoff herd.

San Jose remains an enigma. Statistically they're playing very well. Their roster is largely unchanged from the one that won the Supporters Shield last season. But their results are terrible, especially on the road. That last bit may matter a lot as they're just starting a stretch of 4 home games in 5 matches. If they can go on a run, they can start putting pressure on Colorado and Seattle for a last playoff spot. It would take a run like Seattle started in July 2010 to come back from playoff oblivion, but obviously it's been done..

Chicago is another team that is statistically very strong but currently out of the playoff spots. Mike Magee has been a massive addition to the team and I'd be surprised if they weren't a big part of the playoff race in the East in the last couple of months.

In the other direction, RSL has slipped despite losing only 2 of their last 12. They're the new Shield leaders, but the CPR suggest that maybe that's a situation that won't last long.

Seattle is. . we're holding out hope for Seattle. The good news is, as I've mentioned, both Vancouver and FC Dallas aren't looking strong. The bad news is LA certainly is. And even if RSL aren't impressive statistically, they've already accumulated so many points it doesn't matter. The other bad news is Colorado is looking good. If one of the Whitecaps or FCD fall out, it's just as likely (maybe more likely) that the Rapids take that spot. It may take both Vancouver and Dallas losing their playoff positions for the Sounders to make it.

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