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Sounders vs DC United: Gamethread

The battle of the Washingtons. Only one can emerge victorious. Frankly, I like our Capitol building better.

Spot the Volkswagen logo.
Spot the Volkswagen logo.
Ned Dishman

After a rough loss it can be nice to have a palate cleanser - just an easier team to get back into things. Seattle Sounders FC has that, but they cannot act that way. They must behave as if these are two playoff caliber teams. Then, when the win comes through easily, D.C. United starts looking back a decade to their fondest era and the Rave Green flags wave faithfully as always.

Sidereal's scouting report lays out what needs to be done quite clearly. Seattle has the offense to get three points tonight. They just need performances from their big money attackers that justify the monies. That means that Mauro Rosales is going to have to get into spaces to not just touch the ball, but to provide quality service. The forward pair have to unlock the two central defenders. Both Oba and EJ will likely get harassed by central mids dropping back to help, but if they work quickly they should be able to pepper backup keeper Joe Willis. If they do turn the ball over rather than shoot they need to apply immediate pressure. Easy outlets tonight could lead to another round of "where is the midfield."

When one team is clearly outclassed, they can always look to fouls in dangerous places to give them a chance. Seattle's defense from dead balls is not as good this year as in the past, so step one is to not give those fouls. Step two is to not forget assignments. Step three is to just be better.

It's a 7 PM match in perfect weather. I expect fire.

TV: KONG 6/16 (Fletcher/Keller)
Radio: KIRO 97.3 FM (Fletcher/Keller)
Spanish Radio: La Gran D 99.3 FM (Aleman/Hernandez)
Spanish TV: THIS-TV - KOMO 4.2 (Mendez/Alcaraz)

Referee: Allen Chapman - MLS Career: 22 games; FC/gm: 21.1; Y/gm: 3.4; R: 4; pens: 5
AR1 (bench): Jeff Hosking; AR2 (opposite): Mike Rottersman; 4th: Alejandro Mariscal

Disabled List: SEA: Josh Ford

Suspended: None

Suspended next yellow card: SEA: Eddie Johnson

Suspended next two yellow cards: DC: Perry Kitchen, Daniel Woolard

International Absences: SEA: Mario Martinez (Honduras) DC: Bill Hamid (USA)

Tactical Keys

  • High pressure
  • Through balls
  • Flank defense
  • Set-play defense

Player Matchups

  • Mauro Rosales v Alain Rochat
  • Obafemi Martins v Ethan White
  • Eddie Johnson v Daniel Woolard

How We're Watching
Scarf: Nos Audietis 2012
Kit: 311/Sounders
Where I'm Watching: 214 B&C 1,2

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