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Major Link Soccer: Crew under new Ownership, All-Star Tweaks

No Macklemore today, but there are other cool things going on. Not as cool as Macklemore though. Macklemore is ****ing awesome.

New management.
New management.
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Only one dual-club owner exists now that the Columbus Crew has been sold off to Chris Hansen some other Bay Area rich kids. The club was previously owned by the family of Lamar Hunt, who also previously had a stake in Kansas City (and still does in FC Dallas). It wasn't that long ago that two owners propped up a third of the league's teams, so to see that there is only one group owning more than one team (Phil Anschutz, of the Los Angeles Galaxy and Houston Dynamo) is a promising step forward. Perhaps it won't be so long before the Dynamo also find new owners.

Landon Donovan continues to antagonize Seattle soccer fans, now trying to wish DeAndre Yedlin to Hollywood. Sorry Landon, but wishing only gets you a long break from US soccer practices. Seeing Yedlin strip Donovan of the ball in an all star match is just reason number 58 for why the format of MLS' top talent game should change back to the old ways. (Ignore the fact that both teams are in the West). Don Garber answered other questions in lead up to tonight's match, and SB Nation put together their own All-Star team.

Then MLS All Stars and Funny or Die did this.

There were a number of strong performances in Seattle's 2-1 victory against Chivas, but only Marc Burch was seen fit to join the MLS team of the week. A few Academy products are among the best in Division I soccer, including the much ballyhooed Jordan Morris.

The winner of August 7th's Salt Lake-Portland Open Cup match will go on to host the Final as well, according to this coin flip put online by US Soccer. Missing the point of the taped coin flip, where it has to be live.

Stats show that soccer is immensely popular in the United States. Unfortunately for the sport, US football fanatics are among the most cynical folks around, and that has hurt MLS and the sport alike.

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