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Major Link Soccer: Galaxy win on double PKs, a place for casual fans

The games the Sounders would win if every ref was so willing to call for penalties...

We're 22! We're 22!
We're 22! We're 22!
Greg Fiume

What's the saying again? If you can't beat them, get the ref to call some PKs for you? That's how the Galaxy played it to win on two late penalty kicks over the Columbus Crew, 2-1. That's not to say that the two plays in question weren't fouls. However, everyone who follows this site has almost certainly seen these plays go uncalled. If only every time a player went down easy in the box, a free goal was called. But no, that call is reserved for the privileged few.

In other 4th action, Dallas tied their bye week match at 0-0 and Colorado put down the Red Bulls 2-0.

After Wednesday's security kerfuffle (I haven't used that word recently, have I?) it's important to remember that not all of us are diehard fans who will brave hell and high water to make it to every match. A large portion of our sizable crowds (as with the fanbase of any professional sports team) is of the more casual variety. While not related to Seattle in any way, Chicago's "Hot Time in Old Town" wrote a few words about valuing those fans.

Jurgen Klinnsman is flying high these days, nearly assured of a World Cup berth. just across the border north (and soon, likely south) another club is about to take on a new helmsman. Canada appears to be close to appointing Spain's Benito Floro to guide them to victory in 2018 or... Qatar in 2022? Nah, everyone knows Canadians melt in temperatures over 80 degrees.

Speaking of Mexico, Club America and Chivas de Guadalajara (the Other Chivas) had a match in Las Vegas, a match poorly labeled as a "friendly". Come see just how "friendly" this one ended up. And by "ended up", I mean they didn't actually finish the match.

Those two national teams have quite a bit to worry about. The USMNT has jumped to 22nd in FIFA's world rankings, taking Brazil's pre-Confederations Cup slot. That's not a slot you're likely to find Cameroon in, after their club was suspended for government interference. As if the United States Government doesn't tap the phone of Landon Donovan. Yes Landycakes, we know all about your overseas calls to the anti-baldness insurgents of northern France.

The squad might be even better if they could include defected Cubans, of whom there have been many talented ballers (which we know quite well). Cuba can expect to lose a few more to the states as the 2013 Gold Cup approaches.

Former Sounder (and NAME brother) Erik Friberg is getting some action in Europa League matches, with 84 minutes against Drogheda.

That's all from me. See you suckers in Vancouver!

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