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Major Link Soccer: Forlan Incoming, Messi Upstaged

I'm not even sure how frequently Messi would make the shot this finance analyst hit in Messi's own charity match

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Forlan is already rethinking his decision to go to Toronto
Forlan is already rethinking his decision to go to Toronto
Miguel Tovar

How do you admonish the best player in the world for only spending a token amount of time playing in his own charity game? Beat him at his own game with an insane bicycle kick in front of the local fans. Seriously, why bother spending money on DPs when you can pick up some random Northwestern Grad for a pittance?

Diego Forlan was once destined to be a Sounder, but now he appears to be ready for fitting in a red maple leaf. Toronto FC has been closely linked to the player, and he's a guy that could really help the least successful Canadian club.

Portland suffered their first loss since March in falling to the Columbus Crew. The Timbers went down to 10 men early with a foul in the box, but had already lost the lead earlier in the match. It was the best result in a week that went pretty well for the Sounders (other than, you know, the key loss to big rival). All western clubs ahead of the Sounders save for the Galaxy (and the Whitecaps...) dropped points. Which means it would have been an excellent week for Seattle to win, but details... Additionally, Montreal drew with Chivas.

The Mexican-American club isn't done overhauling their roster. They have signed their youngest ever Homegrown player, forward Caleb Calvert. The Galaxy are going the other way, sending some of their young players to another team run by AEG.

Tough times in Edinburgh, where Scottish side "Hearts" have put their club up for sale on "". Packers "owners" can eat their hearts out: THIS is true team ownership.

Some MLS clubs are sending a number of players off to the Gold Cup, but Seattle is essentially untouched by the tournament this year. Even fewer minutes on the legs of our players, theoretically opening the door for a well rested team in November and December. "Theoretically".

Only a short time into their time in NASL, Phoenix FC is already reducing seating capacity. Not the best start for a market some thought would be booming.

Another icky referee story involving a beheaded man in stripes and a player stabbed to death.

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