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Fredy Montero to Sporting CP Lisbon still not official, but sounds close as Fredy visits training

While Millonarios is on break Fredy Montero is in town to visit family and see his old Sounders teammates. The on loan forward would not confirm that a deal to Sporting CP of Lisbon is done, but it sounds close.

Zakuani and Montero talk about old times
Zakuani and Montero talk about old times
Dave Clark - Sounder at Heart

Over Twitter recently Fredy Montero called Seattle a second home. That looks to continue for some time as members of his family will stay here regardless of where he lives next year. His future child will be a Seattle native. His own future though is still up in the air. With no official announcement regarding his future his week in Seattle will end with a trip to somewhere.

"Right now I'm just waiting until everything gets done because nothing is official yet," Montero told the media at practice Tuesday. "So let's see if I have to go from Seattle to Colombia or Seattle to there [Portugal]. I don't know."

There is also a chance he joins Sporting CP of Lisbon outside of Toronto as they are doing some preseason friendlies there.

"I heard something like they are going to start preseason in Canada, Toronto, but as I said before, I don't know for sure if I have to go to Colombia or Canada or Portugal," Fredy explained.

While the Fredy as a Sounder player may be done his heart is here, and so, someday, may be his future.

"I think for Fredy the experience of trying something else, I think he had great success here with the Sounders, so for him to be able to try it in Europe or South America again to see where he's at was a great experience for him," Sporting Director Chris Henderson said. "As I said, he was very important for us and getting us to the Playoffs every year and winning Open Cups. I think we're both happy where we're at. I think he has great feelings toward the club and you never know, in the future to see Fredy back in a Sounders jersey again would be great for everyone."

For now, this week, Montero is around town, reuniting with teammates, visiting staff and spending time with his family that made the Sound home.

"I came here as a young player and after four years I had the opportunity to grow and be like more mature in the field and outside of the field. I'm so happy," Montero reminisced. "I'm glad to be back in Seattle and glad to have my past with this team. It's always going to be my home.

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