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Dempsey Watch becomes Watching Dempsey

The big signing will play today against Toronto FC. The only questions are how much and what will he do.

Mike Russell Foto

Today's match offers a new version of Dempsey watch as the American Captain will take the pitch for Seattle Sounders FC. There are questions as to how long he will play, where he will play and how effective he can be with only three training sessions in the last 10 days. #DempseyWatch will now be Watching Dempsey.

Sigi's last media session

In that media session Sigi Schmid indicates that Clint Dempsey will play a little behind the strikers with both Eddie Johnson and Obafemi Martins ahead of him, at least until they work out a new structure. Almost certainly coming in late as a sub Clint could take the field for either of the forwards.

There are of course, other options.

Here are a few things to focus on while Watching Dempsey;

  • How high on the pitch is he while playing with two forwards. This could change the burden on the wide mids and Alonso.
  • What's he trying that teammates don't expect? He's a good passer, able to create special moments. Will those receiving the ball be able to do something with it?
  • Is he expecting balls leading him to space or at his feet? MLS changed a bit since he was last here. His memory may influence the type of play he expects to see rather than the play he has.
Happy Dempsday. We get to see our shiny thing.

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