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NW Peaks beer release and Sounder at Heart viewing party

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We like parties, but this one is a bit different. It's a release party for a beer collaboration between NW Peaks and Sounder at Heart. We will also be watching the game that happens to be on the television.

Likkit P

Rather than continuing to hint at a party let's just lay out all the details. This is a beer release and viewing party. Sounder at Heart and NW Peaks Brewery worked together to develop a commercial quality nano-brew that is inspired by the soccer community in the Greater Puget Sound.

Many readers here likely got the invite through Facebook. If not, you can head there and reply (or not).

The actual beer will be revealed at the event, but there are other important details.

  • Who: Any reader of Sounder at Heart and their friends who is 21+ (due to venue limitations)
  • What: A time to enjoy beer and soccer
  • Where: World of Beer - Renton
  • When: August 31st from 3 pm to 7 pm
The event will start with some words about the new beer as well as have Kevin, head brewer of NW Peaks, around to talk about the other beers on tap there. In total NW Peaks will have 6 of the 50 taps at World of Beer (* subject to availability). One of those will be the soccer inspired beer.

We will then chat about soccer a bit, distribute scarves and shirts to those who purchased them but did not pay for shipping.

At 4:30 PM the TVs and bar audio will switch over to Seattle Sounders soccer because it is that which unites this community. The Columbus Crew get the privilege of playing against Seattle.