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United States at Bosnia - International Friendly Gamethread

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With two Sounders being the only two MLS players on the roster one would kind of hope that the several thousand mile journey results in them playing.

Johnson and Evans look to close down on World Cup playing time.
Johnson and Evans look to close down on World Cup playing time.

Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans are both in Sarajevo with the United States facing Bosnia and Herzegovina in an international friendly as Jurgen Klinsmann continues to both cap-tie players (Aron Johannsson's switch is approved) for the far future and whittle down is roster for the best possible 23 during World Cup Qualifying. This friendly only matters along those lines.

Evans is almost certain to continue getting playing time at right back for the USA. It's the only way he can continue to develop there as he won't be able to unseat Yedlin in Rave Green. Which should give you pause. Since Johnson can't play against Houston due to suspension what may have been a small run in a wide role could become larger. He recently indicated that he likes playing more out wide as he does for Jurgen.

Bosnia is a strong team that many on this side of the Atlantic could overlook. Don't. They will almost certainly win, though the Americans did fare well against Italy.

The match is on ESPN2 at 11:30 AM Pacific. Watch your Rave Green Americans if you can.