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Major Link Soccer: Dempsey=Trendsetter, Orlando City Draws 10k

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Jermaine Jones is considering following Dempsey back to the land of the free and the home of the... I want to say Whopper?

That snow fro belongs in Denver.
That snow fro belongs in Denver.

When Clint Dempsey truly, officially signed with MLS, the optimist took it as a sign. "If a player of his quality will come back to MLS in his prime, perhaps others will follow". It appears that process may already be beginning, as Jermaine Jones has voiced an interest in returning to the States. He's a little older than the USMNT captain, but can still do some good at 32, and may cross the ocean as soon as his contract with Schalke ends next summer. Where would he end up? There's a compelling reason to think that Colorado may be a good choice.

His team mate Eddie Johnson is reiterating his satisfaction with Seattle while backpacking Europe again ahead of Wednesday's friendly. "Whatever situation comes up, I'm open to look at it. But I keep reiterating, I'm happy in Seattle". Not exactly committal, but it sounds like staying in the Puget Sound would be preferable, all (other) things being equal.

The Sounders reserves took the field in Florida over the weekend, and lost 2-0. But that wasn't the story coming out of the game. No, the story was that the club drew over ten thousand fans for the match, and chances were it wasn't to see the likes of Alex Morgan's boyfriend. There is hardly a more compelling argument for an MLS club than to get great numbers for a lower level team, and this phenomenon seems to have skyrocketed in frequency recently. 10,000 for third-tier soccer should bode well for future MLS draws.

Before Peter Vermes was an excellent MLS coach, he was an excellent MLS player. Now, he's ready to be inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in a ceremony at Sporting Park October 11th. You might remember that date as the one where the United States host Jamaica for a possibly important World Cup Qualifier.

No one would argue that Vermes was paid more than he deserved in his playing days, but that can't be said about some of the guys who roam the league today. Prosoccertalk put together a list of their top five overpaid players, not currently courting any Sounders.

Some people are a little tough on journalists. Sure, they (we?) aren't always accurate, and some are downright despicable, but there are some who will do crazy things for an interview or story. Follow a writer lost in Sarajevo trying to catch the US men.

Now that Dempsey is in the States, the mantle of "most important American player" passes on to Michael Bradley. Not to say he isn't important. Anyway, you may have heard that the guy is playing pretty well in Europe.

Arlo White is part of a Q&A session leading in to NBC's heavy EPL coverage. Man, I miss that guy.

As if Salt Lake wasn't good enough already, Ricardo Gardner is currently on trial with the team.