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USA vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina: A tale of two halves for Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans

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The performances today from Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans in today's USMNT win over Bosnia mirrored the team's overall performance. Poor in the first half, much better in the second half.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The United States Men's National Team earned their first ever come from behind victory in a match played in Europe today thanks to a second half comeback that featured a hat trick by Jozy Altidore. For Sounders fans, the match featured two of our own as Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans -- who played at right back -- both started for Jurgen Klinsmann.

Much like the team overall, EJ and Evans weren't particularly great in the first half though Johnson's issues were far more glaring than Evans.

EJ was directly responsible for the first Bosnian goal, giving the ball away horribly just outside the US 18-yard-box. Call it a momentary lapse of reason -- or concentration -- as Johnson made an errant pass right to a Bosnian player who found Edin Dzeko as be broke behind the defensive line.

It didn't help things either that Johnson wasted to excellent counter attack opportunities early in the match, both times dribbling into the Bosnia box with space and failing to show any urgency in either situation. He was closed down by a defender both times and never even managed to generate a shot on goal.

While Evans wasn't directly involved with either of the first half goals for Bosnia, the entire US defense was shaky and far from impressive.

Then came the second half.

Eddie Johnson redeemed himself scoring the first of four US goals in the 55th minute. It was a classic right place, right time poacher's goal as Jozy Altidore skillfully settled a tremendous long ball from Michael Bradley and found Johnson alone on the right for a finish into the empty net.

EJ was replaced eight minutes later by Aron Jóhannsson.

Evans went 88 minutes -- he was replaced by Bobby Wood -- and seemed more comfortable in the second half, along with the rest of the US defense. He had a couple strong defensive plays on Bosnian attacks down the wing and was able to get better involved with the US attack as well.

Overall it was a decent performance for both Sounders' players. There will certainly be some concerns about EJ's poor first half and Evans might not be the best long term choice at right back, but they were both part of a historic comeback so that certainly leaves everyone feeling a little better about the day.