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Dynamo power past Sounders, win 3-1

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Giles Barnes capitalized on the early orange wave of attack and scored in the 17th and 21st minute. Those two goals forced the Sounders to push men forward to attempt a comeback. No comeback occurred.

Barnes proved troublesome for Seattle
Barnes proved troublesome for Seattle
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Falling behind by two goals by the 25th minute meant that Seattle Sounders FC was in a position to dominate statistics except for the one that matters the most. At the final whistle the Houston Dynamo won 3-1, but the game was not that close. The attempted comeback was stymied not by the Dynamo, but by chances wasted.

The best chance on goal that wound up wasted was from Mauro Rosales. With the chance to close the lead Mauro missed an open header in the 36th minute was in some ways similar to the issues that faced Seattle on the night. They were quite close to having positive defining moments, but regularly fell short.

Whether it was failed clearances, Michael Gspurning well off his line, or rebounds falling directly to Houston forwards the moments of greatness were not in the Sounders' favor. In the attacking end great passes were then flubbed by the receiver or there was Neagle's cheeky moment when he tried to flick the ball behind him into the net.

Sounders FC looked better after Houston scored, but their positive actions fell just short, except for Shalrie Joseph's header. On a corner in the 65th minute Joseph gave Seattle hope with his first Rave Green goal.

There are tiny positives to take away from this match. Seattle did create chances. They attempted a comeback. But the initial wave they could not hold back. That came when the heat and humidity would make the least impact. The slow start doomed Seattle. Away to Houston may enter the realm of away to Salt Lake and Los Angeles.

An injury to Djimi Traore leaves the loss with a bit extra sour.