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Major Link Soccer: Fifa 14 forgoes MLS

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Centurylink Field will join 16 other MLS grounds in not appearing in the latest version of the world's most popular sports game.

Lift the ban? Not bloody likely.
Lift the ban? Not bloody likely.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Stub Hub Center. Sporting Park. BBVA Compass Stadium. Centurylink Field. None of these grounds will appear in the latest version of the long running FIFA video game franchise. Vancouver's BC Place will continue to be the only location represented in one of soccer's biggest moneymakers. Clearly being among the top 30 soccer brands in the world is unimportant. Clint Dempsey can appear among the world's best in a launch trailer for the game, but he will play on unfamiliar pitches. I bought FIFA 12 not long after it came out as my first copy in the series, and I am more than happy tweaking the roster there until Royal Brougham Park is rendered in all its arch-y glory. On a similar note, I've got no need for the newest generation of consoles.

This week, Grant Wahl gave his readers an inside look into the mind of Mario Balotelli, one of the biggest personalities in world soccer. As a black Italian, Balotelli is a rare individual, and one of the best young players in the world to boot.

Jamison Olave spent many years anchoring the defensive line of Real Salt Lake. Throughout that time, Olave (one of the best centerbacks in his time with MLS) has had a bit of an injury history. That has continued now in New York, where he is now expected to miss at least ten days after tearing his quad.

Weirdly, there's a lot of San Jose news today. As always our favorite provocateur, Steven Lenhart appears to be missing his golden locks, and the Bay Area appears to agree. In an attempt to make his hair grow back faster, the team is hosting a "Steven Lenhart Chia Pet Night".

The Earthquakes stadium may be delayed, but plans for the surrounding area have not been hindered in the slightest. Watch as the development team talks about the quite nice office space they are building by the field and the airport, and keep an eye out for the example of Seattle atmosphere they use to sell their plans.

The first night that Seattle (in the MLS era) truly connected itself with the USMNT was likely the home match following Charlie Davie's serious car crash. 33,000 people raised cards above their heads with the number nine in tribute to the injured American. Now, only weeks after Clint Dempsey came back to the league he started with, Charlie Davies is making his second return. This time it's with New England, for whom he took the pitch over the weekend.

Quake Rattle and Goal took a look at the long series of events that lead to an additional probation from tifo, smoke bombs, and profanity. While clearly one-sided, there may not be a better rundown of the issues in the south bay than this one.

The Reign are done for the season, and are now actively loaning out their players to other leagues around the world. Hopefully all of them will be back for first kick 2014. I'm looking at you Ms. Rapinoe.