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Portland v Real Salt Lake - scout the next on Root Sports

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Live and not-quite-local soccer is on Root tonight. Watch a key Western Conference contest and prepare for Portland Week: Part Deuce.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With our (and their) baseball team not playing this evening Root Sports is showing the Portland Timbers v Real Salt Lake match here in Seattle. This gives you a great opportunity to brush up on how different the Timbers are this year while watching Chara v Morales.

The Portland side of the Western Conference tie sees the Timbers without Will Johnson while attempting to not lose a match against a top 5 Sagarin side. Salt Lake is without Beckerman, so that changes their defense a ton while hampering the attack significantly as well.

From Stumptown Footy (who we will interact with a ton during the next few days);

The Timbers have been a difficult team to beat at home and should win against RSL tonight.

Scout the opponent for Sunday and hope for a nice high scoring draw with a many cards handed out. That's the best result for Seattle as both opponents are challenging for the Supporters' Shield.