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MLS Gamethread: Week 26

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No Stream of the Week this week, so I hope you took advantage of the Dempsey promo.

Camilo vs Zardes = fun soccer.
Camilo vs Zardes = fun soccer.

Last night, Chicago took out Sporting KC, proving once and for all that run of form is the only thing that matters (that is a jest). Today, we shall see how the rest of the week's points may fall, and we can only pray that they fall favorably in the lead up to the pretty obvious Game of the Week.

DC United-Toronto FC
Ah man, not this matchup again. Feels like just yesterday we saw these two teams flail for 90 minutes, somehow resulting in a Toronto win. I won't be watching it, and I hope you won't either.
Prediction: Draw
Ideal: Whatever

Montreal Impact-Houston Dynamo
The Impact have done a terrific job of going into tough enemy stadia and pulling three points out of a hat (they are the only team to win at either Seattle or Portland this season, and did both). However, I think that trend takes a back seat to their recent run of play. Other than victories over DC United (given) and Sporting KC (fluky) they have no wins in two months. Saputo won't save them now.
Prediction: HOU
Ideal: MON

FC Dallas-San Jose Earthquakes
If the Sounders don't take full points on Sunday, one of these teams will be the better for it. The two are tied for the second most games played in the west, and need the teams in front of them to lose often if they want back in. Still though, the points totals are so close on the Pac coast that anyone could still make it in. We could see these two play Colorado and Salt Lake in the first full round of the playoffs. It's possible. Just unlikely.
Prediction: Draw
Ideal: Draw

Vancouver Whitecaps-LA Galaxy
Frankly, I'm bored of the "Hollywood" narrative. That's the only thing that links these teams together (beside a long history of Galaxy beatdowns and a penchant for wearing white.) However, this will likely be the match most perfect for the silver screen this week, one that the rest of the west hopes has no winner. Goals will likely be scored.
Prediction: VAN
Ideal: Draw

Real Salt Lake-Columbus Crew
Just when I gave up on the Crew, they pull me back in. Two wins in a row (granted, one against Toronto) has them making another push for the playoffs. A match with the Salt Lake Reals will bring them down to their level, unfortunately.
Prediction: SL
Ideal: COU

Chivas USA-New York Red Bulls
According to my copy of FIFA 12, these two teams are complete opposites on the popularity scale. See, in FIFA, you can choose to align with your team and win points for them. It's a neat idea that I quite like, but it doesn't turn out well for teams like Chivas. (It does turn out well for the alphabetically first team in the league, Chicago, which gets approximately 100,000 more fans by virtue of no one caring). Henry makes the Red Bulls the team to have, at last check, and I don't think that Bocanegra is going to suddenly fix Chivas' awareness issue.
Prediction: NY
Ideal: CHV

8/25 4:30pm
New England Revolution-Philadelphia Union
Freedom and Liberty will be on full display on this, the most potentially interesting of darbies if the fans began to care about it. Perhaps the two cities most important to America's independence will do something other than agree on all points and call it a day.
Prediction: PHI
Ideal: NE