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Green vs. Green: Why are we here?

The following takes serious liberties with facts and fictional storytelling. Enjoy it for what it is worth and please do not get caught up in the details. For suggested listening to set the mood, try this.

Is he the one to lead us to victory?
Is he the one to lead us to victory?

A long, long time ago, an ancient war raged. The battles were cosmic. In those days, the great men of the Sound fought valiantly against the forces of evil threatening to overtake the whitest of caps and the rowdiest of seas. But they could never defeat the most vile of enemies: the Flood of Timbers. A boisterous, unintelligent, unforgiving horde, there was only one solution to contain them: shut everything down before the Flood consumed it all. And indeed, shut down they were, but at the expense of everyone else. A few seeds were protected and would live on, but the landscape was desolated. The decisions those Forerunners made would define the future…

As those seeds sprouted, a new order took hold. Soundermanity began to regrow its roots on a local scale while the rest of the galaxy warred. Eventually the biggest factions would organize into a Covenant, now known as MLS. As the Sounders grew, they formed their own Alliance. They began the A-SOUNDER program, an advanced training program of young individuals. Though this was not the only path to being an elite A-Sounder, it showed promise for the future. As SSFC ventured forth, they could be ignored no longer. The Covenant confronted the Sounders, not yet knowing the true strength of this newly formed force.

During the first skirmish, the Covenant struck with some of their oldest footsoldiers, their armor painted red. They looked like little bulls. They failed. The ones that survived went home bearing witness to the thousands who took part in their defeat. The war that year was fairly even, with the Sounders having their biggest victory of the year over the Covenant squad known as the United, and others serving as mere popcorn opponents. Alas, in the end the Sounders were defeated.

But in fighting the Sounders, the Covenant stumbled across something ancient and horrifying. Seeking some sort of advantage, they returned to hallowed battle grounds that had once stood dormant. They wanted something to rival the Sounders. When they finally unlocked the door under the decaying "Soccer City, USA" sign, an Army of misshapen creatures burst forth, taking the Covenant unawares. At first they seemed harmless. They were small and unintelligent, so were easily dealt with, though the results were not pretty if anyone came too close. When they strayed from their home base, though, they suffered.

The years passed and the war raged. Eventually the green Flood found their feet. Suddenly their tactics were effective, their attacks ferocious. Later, many would credit their newly evolved Gravemind for this sudden shift. Old tactics would not work against them anymore. In the past, Sounders draped in glory had defeated the green Flood, but with some of their old heroes gone, and their enemy stronger than ever, the Sounders would need a hero.

And a hero they have found. A veteran of many battles, one of the finest soldiers of his generation, the Sounders now turn to Master Dempsey to help crush the rising Flood of Timbers. He is the culmination of a thousand lifetimes of planning. He makes his own luck. Is he the key the Sounders need to end the green threat once and for all? It is time to see what mark he can make in this ancient war.

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