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Sounder at Heart looking for writers

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In order to continue to build the site we need new voices, new ideas and more coverage of specific day parts.

Do the magic keys help you unleash a supernatural beast?
Do the magic keys help you unleash a supernatural beast?
josef.stuefer on flickr

One thing we've learned over the past few years is that you guys love content. You are nearly insatiable when it comes to reading great writing about soccer based in the Puget Sound. Some time ago that meant adding Jeremiah and sidereal and Aaron and Eric and Randy and Zach and nimajneb and soundermom and Abbott and jake and several others who no longer write here but still can if they want to do so. Recently I took a non-soccer job that limits my writing time during the day rather significantly. Jeremiah has his little one and has responsibilities with

Sounder at Heart needs your help in covering news that breaks during "working hours" and some fresh feature content that includes new voices. All of us continue to learn about this game as our diversity in voice expands.

If you feel you have something worth saying and would like to join our awesome staff, write a FanPost. If the readers and the staff like it myself and Jeremiah will contact you about your availability and some other administrative things.

This is first and foremost a community. We will remain so, but we want to give you breaking news as soon as possible, analytics, metaphor and all the other things that make us unique.

Thanks for listening,