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Clint Dempsey, an audio and visual guide

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Clint Dempsey has done a lot of awesome things over the years. He has some great goals for club and country. Why don't we have a little review? The headliner here is a highlight video MLS itself put together of his goals here in the league with the New England Revolution.

Up next we have a mix of older USMNT and club highlights set to the tune of Clint Dempsey's own song, "Don't Tread." It's a little cheesy, but quite fun:

This one is a nice 2011/2012 season recap with a slightly different format from some of these other highlight videos. It starts a bit melodramatic, but showcases his fine form his last year with Fulham. Many would agree this is Dempsey at his peak:

And here we have a 2012/2013 highlight video, bringing us up to the present. It has some of his great goals with the USMNT as well as his better moments with Tottenham. As you can see, Clint Dempsey is still very much a great player:

Last but not least, we have a "getting to know" video from U.S. Soccer, from 2011, getting to know Clint, his upbringing, and his family. Watch it and I guarantee if you weren't already in love with him and his family, you will be. Might also get the itch to go fishing.

Welcome to Seattle, Clint.