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Designated Players do not go through Allocation per MLS rules clarification

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In light of the clamor over Seattle Sounders FC signing Clint Dempsey Major League Soccer issued a statement today clarifying that Designated Players do not go through Allocation Order/Ranking. This means that even though Seattle get Deuce they are still number two in Allocation behind the Portland Timbers.

For new players signed by an MLS club as a Designated Player, the allocation process does not apply. Examples of this include previous high profile player signings like David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Robbie Keane and US national team player Claudio Reyna when he signed with New York.

The statement also offers some clarity to other rules, but this is the most important aspect is the difference as to when a player would be in Allocation Order or a Designated Player - money. Dempsey gets a huge contract and Bocanegra does not.

Portland gets nothing. Seattle gets Dempsey. The hunt for points is on.