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MLS Gamethread: Week 27

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As I write this, I'm discovering that Sunderland has found an equalizer with CrystalPalace during a 15 minute break from coverage. Thanks NBC.

You and me, and me and you
You and me, and me and you
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

So two games were played yesterday, a meaningful 4-2 Salt Lake win over Portland and a less meaningful 1-1 Toronto-New England draw. We probably could have gone for another RSL-POR draw, but a Seattle win today could mean the Timbers get knocked under the playoff line entirely.

If you're coming to World of Beers for the SAH meetup, I'll see you there. If not, stay cozy on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, and Go Sounders!

4:30 Philadelphia Union-Montreal Impact
Montreal is beginning to make me dread picking their games. Their hot and cold nature makes it impossible to know whether it is the good Impact or the bad Impact participating in any given game. Will Marco Di Vaio score five goals, or will they lose by a half-dozen? They kicked some butt last week, but now they are confronted by the Union. gut says the bad Impact show up for this one.
Prediction: PHI Ideal: PHI

5:00 New York Red Bulls-DC United (NBCSN)
In a match that seems rife for a massive upset, the second-best team in the East takes on the cellar-dweller. It seems so obvious to pick New York that of course United will pull out some points, especially in a game marketed as a "rivalry".
Prediction: NY Ideal: DC

5:30 Sporting KC-Colorado Rapids
Are there any storylines in this match? Two clubs, both completely unrelated in stature and play stile, yet somewhat similar in dignity (conference standings). Doesn't make for compelling Shakespeare. Maybe the problem is that I haven't seen much of the Raids this season (despite their consistently high points total).
Prediction: KC Ideal: Draw

7:30 LA Galaxy-San Jose Earthquakes
Kill it! Kill it with fire! Easily the hardest game to pick a rooting interest for, with such fun personalities as Stephen Lenhart and Robbie Keane. The new, super motivated, higher paid version of Landon Donovan will take the pitch and try to prove he is worth almost as much money as Clint Dempsey. Every point that LA drops at this point is valuable for the other teams in playoff position, especially considering their number of games played (only two more than the Sounders, while everyone else has played three or more additional). San Jose's record in So-Cal isn't great, so our ideal scenario probably won't become reality.
Prediction: LA Ideal: SJ

12:00 Chicago Fire-Houston Dynamo (UniMas)
Of all the matches today, this versus sees the two teams with the most to lose. Both are right under the playoff line, looking to take advantage of New England's draw on Friday. Houston, even with a tie, would move into the fifth playoff spot. Chicago needs the win. If they want to join the postseason party, they will have to go out and take their invitations. The new, sharp Fire are still rolling even without Magee getting a goal every other game, and who knows when he may start scoring again.
Prediction: CHI Ideal: NA

4:00 Vancouver Whitecaps-Chivas USA
Wins by Seattle over Columbus and Vancouver on Chivas would knock Portland out of a playoff position for the time being, and that with games in hand. Expecting anything less than victory at BC Place would appear to be a fool's errand. Huh, I just realized that I didn't make a Hollywood comparison involving teams from Vancouver and LA. CHIVAS MOVING CONFIRMED. Thanks for the tip, sub-conscious.
Prediction: VAN Ideal: CHV