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Meet Cascadia Shale Ale

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NW Peaks and Sounder at Heart connected about creating a beer together several months ago. This is what happened.

Dave Clark

When Sounder at Heart and NW Peaks Brewery connected about doing a beer with a soccer theme we had a few ideas. The one that stuck most combined NW Peaks dedication to mountains and climbing and the incorporation of the Cascades into both Sounders FC and the Sounder at Heart logo. So why not a beer dedicated to those beautiful mountains?

That quickly became a Cascadia Dark Ale. Our region's unique look at an IPA with a heart of darkness.

We tweaked some things of course. Cascadian Shale Ale comes in at 74 IBU through a combination of wet and dry hopping. The darkest of malts were added during the sparge to reduce the roast flavors but still carry the color into the final product. There are some piney and high citrus notes from the generous amounts of NW hops.

Hopefully you like it. Stay tuned for where you can find this very limited edition beer.

If you were at the event I'd love to get some feedback on what you tasted.