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Major Link Soccer: League Reacts to Dempsey, Cascadia Standings

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Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey

Look into his eyes. You will find the reflection of your soul.
Look into his eyes. You will find the reflection of your soul.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Look, we know how it is. You aren't here for our opinions, or insight, or witty commentary. You want Clint Dempsey, so we dispense Dempsey. Here he is:
Some people like the move.
Some people don't.
Some folks (the Sounders, the league) are empowered.
Others (Timbers, Eurosnobs) are... depowered?
Here's the reveal day in pictures. It makes me wonder how the day would have gone down if not for the fervent stalking of the Night's Watch.

For the second week in a row, the seas parted for the Seattle Sounders. Almost every result went as well as it could have for the home team, with lots of convenient ties. The most vital in many eyes was the 1-1 draw in Portland, where Vancouver came from a goal down to tie the Cascadia Cup clash. That leaves the Cup standings thusly:

Vancouver-5 points-4 games played
Seattle-4 points-3 games played
Portland-3 points-3 games played

As it is, the Sounders are in a good position for this competition. However, winning their remaining two home games is paramount. Doing so would guarantee a win, and is far preferable to relying on points earned in Portland. That game should be little more than a victory lap.

Another great result was the Rocky Mountain Cup clash. Colorado and Salt Lake had a crazy night complete with a long thunderstorm delay. In the end, the contest ended with another draw, good enough for Colorado to walk away with the trophy for the first time in many a year.

After the Sounders emerged victorious over FC Dallas, the only west leader unaccounted for is the LA Galaxy, who forwent competitive play for a friendly on a baseball field.

It seems DeAndre Yedlin enjoyed his time at the all-star game, attending as a rookie. It might not be too long before he joins Brad Evans (and some other Sounders) on the National team. Speaking of Evans, the guy was Seafair knighted last week, unless I'm misunderstanding.

Eddie Johnson is hard to fault for his production in 2013. The guy has five goals in thirteen games, On a similar pace to his production last season despite being off with the national team for many a week now'n days. He doesn't make every shot (as Jurgen Klinsmann knows) but the guy is still scoring for the Sounders. Just perhaps not as often as some think he should.

Sports legends go broke all the time, and it is never fun to see. But Kenny Sansom is currently living on the streets despite being one of the best to ever play the game in England.

The New York Cosmos have officially been reborn after many years in purgatory. They drew more people to their opener than Chivas has managed in any game this season. But where does the talent-bereft NASL team go from here?