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Sounders & Dempsey, the inside story by Grant Wahl

This is simply a must read. The details that Grant Wahl has over at Sports Illustrated make it the single story that every Sounders fan must read.

Likkit P

Inside he gives the detailsabout when the possibility of Clint Dempsey as a Sounder started, how they smuggled and hid him for 24 hours and the pure elation that Joe Roth felt at that reveal.

"When we turned the corner and it was the first time people in Seattle had seen him, there was a wave of excitement like Babe Ruth had shown up," Roth said. "Grown men were hugging and crying. All the rumors had turned out to be true. Then when we did the national anthem and he's standing there in a Sounders shirt with his hand over his heart, it struck me for the first time. I said, 'Oh my God, that's Clint Dempsey, and he's a Sounder!"

Wahl also details some interesting league wide issues and the terms of the contract. He is reporting that MLS paid the transfer fee, but that Seattle Sounders FC are picking up the very large contract. It also reveals that Joe Roth is not the majority, just the owner with the most shares. Joe Roth is clearly the most ambitious. He is begging teams to go after Chicarito.

The league payout of the transfer is not new, but it is large. It's goal is very simple.

It will take more than one player. So while Seattle came in first in this contest between LA, Toronto and Sounders FC. They will not be last. Expect the league to add more players of this quality sooner rather than later.

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