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Sounders FC to have fans design, vote on 2014 season ticket scarf

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It may just be a scarf, but a project two years in the making went from Alliance Council idea to real, live project.

Seattle Sounders FC and the Alliance Council worked together to develop a system so that the 2014 season ticket scarf would be of, by and for the fans. The process involves fan designs, Council selecting finalists and a final winner of five voted on by the full Alliance. It may only be a minor bit of Democracy, but it does allow participation in something that is a business decision.

Go here to design

To ensure your scarf is judged please make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Max of 4 colors (white is counted as a color)
  • Include the Sounders FC crest in your design
  • Select fringe colors (maximum of 2 colors already used)
  • Include your name and email address on the template
  • Upload your submission by the August 16th deadline

Timing and voting process:

  • Anyone can submit a design prior to 5 pm PT on August 16th, 2013
  • Sounders FC Alliance Council will select the top 5 scarves based on the criteria listed above
  • 2013 Sounders FC Alliance members will vote on the top 5 designs between August 25th and September 3rd (5 pm PST)
  • Winner announced on Wednesday, September 4th

  • Prize: Sounders FC Slalom Experience