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Clint Dempsey now available in MLS Fantasy

Even Timbers fans can feel what it's like to have Dempsey on their team, for just $9.5 million fantasy dollars.

We can all sign Dempsey
We can all sign Dempsey
Mike Russell Foto

Get your Dempseys here! Right here!

The MLS Fantasy platform just added Clint Dempsey to the game. His initial price is $9.5, but that's sure to rise as more people add him to their rosters. My understanding is that for every 1,000 transers in, a player's price goes up $0.1. As of this writing, 585 people have added Deuce (including the author).

Editor's note: So you have 12 days to add someone who looks likely to explode in price.

The provisional price is the fourth highest for a midfield player, behind Donovan, Zusi, and Magee. Dempsey's just a touch ahead of Dwayne De Rosario and the injured Javier Morales.

The Sounders have an intriguing schedule, too -- away against a perennially struggling TFC squad this week. Dempsey's attacking mates all make good plays, as does penalty kick taker Brad Evans. The club also does not have a bye week remaining.

EPL Fantasy?

Anybody interested in participating in an EPL Fantasy League? If yes, let me know which fantasy platform you'd prefer in the comments section. EPL season starts on August 17th.

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