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Clint Dempsey is a Sounder, and everybody and their mother seems to have a take on what his signing means for the league.

Otto Greule Jr

It's official. Clint Dempsey is a Sounder. He's going to remain a Sounder for a long time. While it's clear that fans of every other MLS team would have loved it if their team had signed Deuce, this signing raises all kinds of questions about the stature of MLS and how well it communicates its rules, in addition to whether the league follows it's own rules consistently.

Steven Goff of the Washington Post went on a diatribe on Twitter yesterday shortly before publishing an article noting the significance of adding Dempsey shows the growth of the league while also arguing that the league's apparent lack of transparency and adherence to published roster rules shows the 17 year old league's immaturity.

Richard Farley of NBC Pro Soccer Talk is more dismissive of much of the criticism of the league while exploring the consequences of the league paying a large transfer fee to help facilitate the signing of a top player.

Liviu Bird of NBC Pro Soccer Talk decries what he sees as the continued lack of communication and clarification surrounding the allocation process and the idea of the league paying a player's transfer fee.

Steve Davis of NBC Pro Soccer Talk notes that the size of Dempsey's transfer fee and contract, combined with Don Garber's recent expansion announcement could lead to some comparisons between MLS and NASL in its prime.

Toronto FC fans are understandably frustrated at being mentioned as one of Dempsey's preferred clubs but being seemingly convinced to pass on him so he could play for a team based in the United States.

It's doubtful that nobody is as miffed as Portland Timbers fans are at getting no compensation from Seattle after the league determined that Dempsey is not subject to the allocation order.

The Big Question Show on NASN argues that the league's decision to pay Dempsey's transfer fee sets a dangerous precedent, the point being that the rich clubs can have the league subsidize their signings of top players while smaller clubs are on their own when it comes to acquiring players with less name recognition that require a transfer fee.

Peter Welpton of The Dallas Morning News writes that the magnitude of the Dempsey signing signifies the arrival of a new era of MLS -- MLS 3.0, if you will.

EPL Index takes a look at Dempsey's performance and accomplishments in his 6 1/2 years in the Premier League.

Jeff Bradley of argues that the signing of Clint Dempsey is the "most shocking move" in the history of MLS without really making a judgment as to whether it's a good move for his career.

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